Title: Say It Ain't So
Artist: Weezer
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Say It Ain’t So Weezer

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So here are FOUR HUNDRED NINTY FIVE  first names, last names, and surnames for Hispanic people. Like/Reblog please if it was of use to you. 

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[HQ] Seo Kang Joon for Elle Korea 1391x1800
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Ryan Kwanten in True Blood 7.0

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jinah1x1: ◘ Yano and Nana

[With her bedroom door locked, she curls up on their bed and dials his number. Hearing his voice instantly causes her to gasp out in agony and heartache. She hangs up the phone and clutches his old shirt as she cries and cries. Minutes later, she tries again. She sucks in a breath as the sound of his voice cuts through her like a blade] Ya…Yano…[Whimpers his name, trying so hard to gather her thoughts. All she can think about is how broken and lost she feels] I miss you, Yano. You’re in a place where I can’t follow…Why did this happen? Why did you leave me? [Quietly sobs, her thin body shaking and shivering] You know that I’m nothing without you. You know that I can’t…I can’t breathe or eat or live.I am so lost. [Speaks weakly, every fiber of her body and mind is in pain] All that I do is sleep. I sleep and hope that you’ll come to me in a dream…But even then, you’re not there. You left me. You’re so mean, Yano. [Tears burn her eyes. Feeling cold, she reaches for his jacket and puts it around her] I’m not happy. I’ll never be happy because you took it away from me. [Bites her lower lip to hold it from trembling] Come back, Yano…Please just come back already. I don’t like this game anymore. I don’t like that I can’t tell you that I love you or that I’m stupid for everything that I’ve done. [Chokes up as she whimpers painfully] You’re cruel, Yano…But I love you. I love you so please stop already…Just come back. 

let me die already. satan came up with this meme SATAN.

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