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Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev - Acceptance for Ship of the Year at MTVu Fandom Awards
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Max Irons photographed by Mairi-Luise Tabbakh for Fault Magazine

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I’ve spent too long thinking about what a musical of my life would sound like. Out of key probably.

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"It’s funny because all he wanted was sex and I went along with it and now we are thinking about being in a relationship. ”

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“I know I shake when you don’t call and I feel like I can’t breathe when you forget to tell me you love me. I know that sometimes the words that come spilling out of my mouth at 3 AM make me sound crazy. I know that I love you a little too much. I know everything really hurts right now. I hope you know that I will always be here to keep the blood inside your veins. I hope you know that I will always be here to kiss you goodnight even if I fall asleep crying afterwards. I hope you know that you are the only reason I’ve still got stars hidden under my skin. I hope you know that you are the only thing that keeps the flowers in my lungs from dying. I know we’re fucked up. I know that sometimes I make you feel like you’re choking. I hope you know that I’m sorry. I hope you know that I see you in everything. I hope you know that it’s okay. I hope you know that you’re all I want. I hope you know that I think you’re wonderful. I hope you know that I think you’re every sunset and every thunderstorm and every cup of tea in the universe. I hope you know that you are my entire galaxy. I hope you know that I love you.”

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What’s up with comma splices?



You’re right: You should definitely look out for comma splices on the SAT. 

A comma splice is a grammar error that is created by joining two independent clauses (complete sentences) with a comma.


Since we have two complete sentences, we would form a comma splice if we combined them by using just a comma:


We see comma splices everywhere, and it’s unfortunate that people don’t know how to correct them.

Here is an easy way to correct a comma splice:


There is another way to fix comma splices: use the “FANBOYS”:


The technical name for the FANBOYS is coordinating conjunction. The term itself isn’t important; what actually matters is the role that coordinating conjunctions play. So let’s take a random comma splice and fix it by using one of the FANBOYS:


The sentence is now correct. On standardized tests, comma splices are quite common. Placing one of the FANBOYS between the two independent clauses (i.e., complete sentences) solves this problem. Just be sure to pick the one that makes the most logical sense. (For instance, there is a big difference between “but” and “and,” so you have to pick the right word.)

Good luck on the SAT!


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